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4 Week Fundamentals

4-6 Week Series Classes.

4 Week Pilates Fundamentals $100Purchase required to enroll

This 4-week class is designed for those that are new to Pilates. You will learn the fundamentals of alignment and how to properly use core muscles. The class will cover exercises on the mat and the Reformer. Can be taken as a pre-requisite for equipment classes.

Be In Your Best Body $80Purchase required to enroll

Do you ever wish you had better posture? Have you had difficulty feeling at ease in your body while sitting at work or during other activities? Do you marvel at people who move and walk with fluidity and grace? Have you tried to flatten your stomach with exercise after exercise and it still continues to bulge more than you would like?

In four, 1 hour classes, we will explore simple movement exercises to assist you in finding your own Neutral and balanced alignment in both sitting and standing. Learn how to improve your awareness of your body and its possibilities. Find out new ways to use Ground Reaction Force to support you. Use your brain's ability to image movements to help your nervous system to find balanced alignment and movement with ease. Learn how the bones in your body can support you in sitting and standing. Find easier ways to walk so that you feel invigorated rather than depleted.

These classes will invite exploration of your body so you can find the strength and ease of its design and utilize your body more fully in it's potential. It will be informational, relaxed and fun. Ideas for the class will be taken from the work of Judith Aston, Eric Franklin and Physical Therapy techniques.