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Yamuna Body Rolling Upper Body Focus

$40Purchase required to enroll
In this workshop we will focus on the upper body, you will learn routines for the shoulders, arms, and back.

We will free the ribcage to allow for a fuller three dimensional breath. You will learn exercises to address back, neck and shoulder tension. Keeping the shoulder aligned, tension free and with a full range of motion.

With the Yamuna balls you will learn how to increase flexibility, function and range of motion. Free your body to work more effectively getting more out of your workouts and improving performance while preventing injury and promoting greater circulation. Relieve soreness, tightness and restrictions in your body, improve posture and increase alignment with this wonderful techniques. Walk away with the perfect tool to roll away stress and tension on your own.

We will teach you how to unravel the layers of your body, go deeper, and learn what you need to take care of your own body for full body sustainability. You deserve to feel good in your body. Take the time to learn what it needs.